60 foreign women wanted for Smart Beauty Service

A number of Japanese companies  want to help from variety of people for their newly developing products.

We support  user oriented  innovative business development to those companies.


We are urgently looking for 60 foreign women to participate in the survey phase of a project.

Your help will be reflected in their new innovative product development .

Would you like to take part in their work ?

Or would it be possible to introduce me to some of your friends ?

━━━☆☆  Ask for your cooperation for Smart Beauty Service ☆☆━━   

                     〜 Skin monitor for only 30 minutes to 1 hour 〜 

━━━━━━        60 foreign women wanted.      Vol.3    ━━━━━━━

◇If you are interested in this, please contact us as soon as possible.◇

◆Application Requirements   

   30 to 69 year old woman. 

  (Non Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Mongolian descent)

   We are looking for women with a range of skin tone. 

◆Details of Request

  ・Facial photographs will be taken with a prototype device.

  ・Skin color will be measured with a medical skin measuring instrument.

◆Time Required

  Weekday daytime 30 minutes to 1 hour (excluding travel time)

◆Date & Time 

  On one of the following days. 

  August : 30th(Tue)  31st(Wed) 

  September : 1st(Thu)  2nd(Fri)  5th(Mon) 6th(Tue) (7th,8th,9th) 

  Time  : 10:40 –  / 11:20 – /  13:00 – / 13:40 –  / 14:20 – / 15:00 –  / 15:40 – / 16:40 – / 17:20 –  / 18:00 – / 18:40 – /19:20 –


  Osaka city.  The location is near from the station. 

◆Privacy Policy

  ・Images taken of your skin will only be used for device development.

     We will not use the images for any other purposes.

  ・Images will not be used for things like identifying individuals.


  JCB Gift voucher (5,000 Yen value) Includes transportation expenses. 

  But please ask me , if you live far from center of Osaka.


If you are interesting in this, please give me e-mail as soon as possible. 

※Please let us know your convenient  days and times.

     ( No.1:                           No.2:                         No.3 :                   )

       Ex:   No.1: 30th(Tue) : 13:40 –  or 14:20 –     No.2: Sep.1s(Thu) : 19:20 – 

 ※Your mobile phone number.  (                          )

If you have any questions,  please feel free to ask me.

I will tell you more details.

Due to specifications of the project it is possible that some applicants will not be chosen. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Best regards,

T. Onodera


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